Art at St Richard’s is a means of expressing ideas and feelings as well as a means of communication.  Through direct personal experience, it encourages the imagination, conceptual thinking, powers of observation, analytical abilities and practical aptitudes.  The study of art at St Richard’s leads to an awareness of various artists and shows the varied artistic developments of mankind across times and cultures.  In doing so, it widens cultural horizons and enriches the children’s understanding.  Their art education is enhanced by a cross-curricular approach that gives each child a more valuable learning experience.

A project-based teaching method is used and, as children are introduced to specific projects, they are required to make a personal response.   Emphasis is placed on the development stages of a project and projects are varied with specific focus, enabling the key elements of art to be covered.  Objectives may be achieved in a single lesson but often a project may be extended over a number of lessons to allow for in-depth study and development.   The children are allowed time for the production of work which is not only well thought out, but finished to a high standard.

Please follow this link for some stunning examples of the Artwork we've created.

Design and Technology

This term children have designed and then made objects, translating their designs into reality.