The Forest School

The Forest School is an unbeatable opportunity for the nursery children to explore the natural world that surrounds their everyday lives.  As they learn about the outside world they develop an intrinsic awareness of the risk and safety aspects in this environment.

The Forest School meets throughout the year, at a woodland location within the expansive and rural grounds of St Richard’s.  Children observe the seasonal changes going on around them and are encouraged to comment on them and gather flowers and leaves for identification.

Through enthusiastic play, the children learn how to enjoy and use the forest environment.  They build dens, play hide and seek, lay trails and hunt for mini beasts !  They learn to listen and respond to each other, and they are encouraged to listen and identify the sounds of the wildlife.

The children create and maintain the camp.  They collect, sort and store firewood; they learn how to sit and move safely around the fire pit; and, on really good days, they may have toasted marshmallows, baked bananas and popped corn!

The Forest School is all about developing an appreciation for nature and learning how to behave and react within the less usual environment.  The children are taught the joys of their surroundings in a wonderfully safe and secure location.