Overseas Pupils

St Richard’s has for many years welcomed students from Spain, Austria and France who spend a year or two with us to transform their English language skills, in preparation for English public schools, or to return home with fluent or near-fluent English. Students from the 1970s and 1980s are now sending their own children to us. Part of the success is that the small scale of the school means that students are never ‘lost in a crowd’ and always benefit from the family atmosphere. They are obliged to speak and learn all the time, with countless opportunities which extend outside the schoolroom, including meeting and staying with English families. They key is that in each group there is never more than two of any single nationality (apart from English-speakers).

If this is of interest please browse the St Richard’s website and contact Astraasia for further information on how you might meet, plan and access what is an unrivalled and affordable prep school education in the heart of the English countryside. More recently we have been able to offer Tier 4 sponsorship to pupils between the age of 10 and 13 from outside the European Union, as well as expatriates.

St Richard’s School has partnered with Astraasia since they, like us, believe a well-balanced quality education is the key to unlocking your child’s potential. Astraasia’s core business is independent financial advice but a key part of this is financial planning for education and their understanding of our school and its values gives us confidence that they will support their clients just as we will support your children. Astraasia are enormously experienced in offering advice and help to families seeking to get the best from UK education. We are all looking to give your children a head start in life and if Astraasia can start this process helping you take care of the fundamentals, we at St Richard’s can do the rest, preparing your children for senior schools, university and the global challenges ahead.

UK education is a world leader, with demand for places at the premier English public schools (for students aged 13 to 18) increasing each year. The hurdles for non-UK students tend to be integration and levels of English and this can be solved by preparing for a year or two first in the much smaller, family environment of St Richard’s. The school has partnered with Astraasia in order to help families plan and structure such an undertaking in an efficient and productive way. An example of how we can add to this is the track record St Richard’s has in successfully preparing students for scholarships to UK senior schools, which bring fee remission – often as much as 20% of total fees – and sometimes considerably more. Furthermore, St Richard’s has an excellent knowledge of and contact with UK senior schools, with the ability to sponsor non-EU students through the Tier 4 visa.

Arrangements for ‘summer school’

Younger children come initially for a short visit during the second half of the Summer Term (Summer School) before committing to a longer stay of either one or two terms or, more often, the whole year. Pupils are regularly invited to stay with English families for weekends during the term and enduring friendships have been formed in the past resulting in many English children visiting foreign countries as guests of their overseas friends in return for previous hospitality.

Arrangements for EAL pupils

Each pupil is assigned a staff mentor who will help them settle in, as well as a guide from within their own form to help them. After initial assessment of English levels pupils, a learning profile is established so the school can design a programme to suit each child. This will mean balancing the EAL support outside the mainstream class with immersion into St Richard’s school life. Both aspects of a St Richard’s education add to the progress a pupil will make with his/her English over a term or more.

Overseas pupils are encouraged to share their culture, tastes in music and food with their fellow students for a day, and a real spirit of community and shared culture is engendered.

Pupils tend to return home for half-term and transport for this as well as for the beginning and end of term can be arranged, usually via Heathrow.   Children are escorted to and from the airport by a member of staff.

Please click here to view the Arrangements for the Overseas Pupils.

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