Pastoral Care

Ofsted inspectors have written about the exceptional relationships which exist between children and staff at St Richard's. This stems from the informal yet structured happy family community in the boarding house where the Headmaster, as Head of Boarding, has the overall care of up to forty weekly boarders.  He is helped and supported by his wife and the two resident matrons, one of whom is a registered nurse.  Academic staff are on hand to help in the evenings and there is a varied programme in place after the school day finishes at 5:15pm.

The youngest children are aged seven and very quickly become confident and happy boarders who thrive within the regular routine.  Many new and junior children begin flexi-boarding one or two nights a week and build up from there.

St Richard’s is housed in a comfortable 19th century house, which is large enough to accommodate many activities, yet small enough for a real family atmosphere to be created.  Breakfast, lunch and supper are cooked by the school cooks, using fresh local produce.  More senior children have cereal after prep and those in their final year have ‘nightcap’ three times a week, ie hot drinks and cake.

On Sundays children write letters home.  They may go to mass and after lunch a range of activities are organised, mostly around the grounds making full use of the lake, woods and stream.  Excursions are often made into the local area.   Expensive outings at the weekend are not a part of the school entertainment – rather, children are encouraged to have fun by organising their own games and activities under adult supervision.

Full Boarding Weekends
There are one or two Full Boarding Weekends
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Full Boarding Weekends:
   23rd February 2013 (Cinema Saturday)
   24th February 2013 (Ski Sunday)
   27th April 2013
   28th April 2013
 during the term when special activities are arranged, most likely including a trip off-site (to a theme park, film, theatre) and organised games.  Full boarders and weekly boarders are asked and expected to remain at school for these weekends and day children are encouraged to come in and stay for the weekend activities.  A programme of events planned for these weekends is pinned up on the notice board.

The Dormitories
The dormitory areas are divided between boys and girls.  Dormitories contain from four to ten beds and children may bring their own duvet covers and pillow-slips, making the rooms colourful and homely.

Each dormitory has a captain who helps maintain a state of calm at all times and all dormitories are warm and cosy; the children feel safe and secure in an atmosphere which is 'fun but firm'.  Children may play board games or read between bath/shower time and lights out (see bedtime routine) and the sixth form may watch a recording of the BBC TV news during the evening.

Two matrons are responsible for the welfare, clothing and pastoral care of the children and their accommodation is situated close to the children’s, for easy access in case of pupil sickness during the night.