School Life in the prep school

For the boarders the day starts at 7:20am when they are woken up and prepare for the day.  The school day begins at 8:30am when all children are expected to register with their form master or mistress and this is a time for them to gather their work together and plan the day ahead.  For the pre-prep children the day begins at 8:45am.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are full working days, 8:30am through to 5:15pm with an optional activities session from 5:15pm to 6:00pm in the evening.  The day is composed of academic lessons and 80 minutes of sport, interjected with break, reading time, lunch (a hot meal with a comprehensive salad bar), little tea mid-afternoon as well as optional extras such as music tuition (and practice), D&T (Design & Technology), riding, singing and choir.  Years 3, 4 & 5 have prep incorporated into their working school day; Year 6 and above will have prep set which has to be done in their own time.

Wednesdays and Saturdays are slightly different.  These are match days and so consequently lessons end at 1:00pm and the school becomes a hub of excitement and activity as those involved prepare for the matches in the afternoon.  More often than not there are 3 or 4 inter-school matches going on either at Home or Away; children may be in matches as soon as they enter the prep school and everyone is encouraged to take part.  Parents are always welcome at these matches and can then enjoy a cup of tea and a chance to meet other parents while their children have a sustaining match tea.

A school minibus transports children to school from Hereford, Leominster & Worcester every morning and, on non-match days, returns them in the afternoon.  For the pre-prep this is at 3:20pm and for the main school at 6:00pm.  A small charge is made for its use.

Entertainment is never in short supply with children fully involved in plays, concerts, equestrian events and, in the sixth form, lectures.  Parents are welcome to all of these occasions.  And for the grown ups (though not exclusively) there are such things as Opera Evenings, Murder Mystery Nights, Quiz Nights and Christmas Fayres.

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